With expertise in different forms of renewable and conventional energy, we offer a full and unbiased appraisal of the right technology for the job.


We evaluate the technology that works best for each individual site and use qualified vendors, as well as local subcontracting partners, that are the most appropriate for each application.  This approach allows us to combine national expertise with local capabilities to provide an in-depth and comprehensive plan that is connected to the community.


 Building Development


Our team can provide insight and recommendations on the following areas:


Solar Options (Panels)

Our flagship service is to deliver high quality, predictably priced solar power.  We offer a wide-range of options, from outright purchase to financing opportunities.  We evaluate rooftop and solar shaded parking alternatives.  Depending on roof age, combining a project with a re-roof or new HVAC installation can result in substantial cost savings and efficiency gains.


Energy Storage Systems (Batteries)

We evaluate different technologies and battery proposals in order to provide unbiased recommendations to manage your power supply.  By handling the research, analysis and vetting, we are able to offer a more resilient and cost-effective energy infrastructure to you.


Building Controls and Management

Advances in building controls can help manage heating, cooling, lighting, and motor loads more effectively.  As part of an integrated solution, controls can optimize performance of various upgrades and ensure you capture the most value.  They can be set for general conditions and actively updated by our team as you work in and use the facility.


Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

Workplace charging can help with customer and employee attraction and retention.  In the home, it can help capture the benefits of solar.  With preferential rates and subsidies available in some areas, combining low-cost EV charging to a project can be a simple way to add capabilities and make a program more attractive.


Efficiency Audits

CWR can conduct a full building energy efficiency audit to help capture a building’s use profile and target ways to save.  We can look directly at your utility bills to benchmark a building against peers and identify the pros and cons of various approaches tailor-made for you.


Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)

Working with the latest technologies and grants available, we are able to design and install reliable UPS systems to manage costs and provide dependability in the event of an outage.


Wholesale Access

In select markets, customers can choose their electric provider.  We can identify the best options and pre-package upgrades in order to secure the best deal – and provider – for you.


Consulting and Advisory Services

Our team provides advisory and consulting services that can fully address the specific strategic, financial, operation, technical, reputational, regulatory and capital aspects of your diverse energy needs.